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Reactor and Catalysis Research Center
From fundamental science to innovation and commercialization
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Using funding from industries and organizations and in collaboration with Sahand University of Technology and Chemical Engineering Faculty of SUT, Reactor & Catalysis Research Center, RCRC, was established in 2000. Following the appointment of Dr Mohammad Haghighi as Director of RCRC at Sahand University of Technology in 2007, SUT’s research activities in the areas of applied catalysis, nanocatalysts, environmental catalysts, reactor design, fuel production and processing, energy, emission control and combustion have significantly changed. In order to more effectively promote the research expertise to the industry in IRAN and the region, it was considered necessary to establish an organised applied research to attract research funding from government and the industries. The RCRC carry out research at industrial level in frontier areas in catalysis and reactor design including development of novel catalytic systems based on plasma, microwave, ultrasound, nano-materials, photo catalysis, and surface studies especially activation of small molecules on single crystal surfaces. Members of the team have expertise and experience in all these areas.

The RCRC will pursue R&D activities in but not limited to the following areas:

  • Catalyst design and development including heterogeneous catalysts, nanocatalysts, environmental catalysts, catalyst forming, regeneration, ...
  • Developments of advanced methods for chemical synthesis and post treatment including plasma, microwave and ultrasound technologies.
  • Nanomaterial synthesis including adsorbents, catalysts, ...
  • Synthesis of advanced materials for value-added utilisation of fossil fuel resources and fuels from waste sources.
  • Control and mitigation of combustion-generated pollutants including NOx, SOx, CO, HCS and particulate emissions, greenhouse gases (GHG).
  • Development of technologies for utilization of renewable energy (biomass and organic wastes) and manufactured alternative fuels.
  • Combustion science and technology development for conventional and alternative fuels.
  • Process modeling and simulation including Lab and industrial reactor design and detail reaction modeling.
  • Postgraduate training, technical education and professional development.
  • Industrial, technical and scientific consultancy
  • Flares optimization and air pollution control.

For further information please contact:

Dr. Mohammad Haghighi Dr. Mohammad Haghighi (Founding Director)
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Nanocatalysts, Heterogeneous catalysts, Catalyst forming, Environmental catalysts, Flares
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