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Reactor and Catalysis Research Center
From fundamental science to innovation and commercialization
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 RCRC Workshops
Research Programs
The RCRC will pursue R&D activities in but not limited to the following areas:
  • Catalyst design and development including heterogeneous catalysts, environmental catalysts, catalyst forming, regeneration, ...
  • Nanomaterial synthesis including catalysts, adsorbents, ...
  • Developments of advanced methods for catalyst synthesis and treatment including plasma, microwave and ultrasound technologies.
  • Development of technologies for utilization of renewable energy (eg. biomass and organic wastes)
  • Alternative use of fossil fuels and synthesis of advanced materials for value-added utilization of fossil fuel resources (eg. natural gas)
  • Development of advanced methods (eg. plasma, ultrasound, …) for conversion of fossil fuels and waste materials treatment
RCRC Research
  • Control and mitigation of combustion-generated pollutants including NOx, SOx, CO and particulate emissions, greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • Process engineering, design, modeling, simulation and thermo-kinetic analysis of chemical reactions
  • HSEQ and process safety
  • Training, technical education and professional workshops